Special Tools for PE Duct Installation


45 ° Left or Right and 90 ° Straight Cutter Knife

Cast aluminium cutter knife with special ergonomic shape that permit 45 degree and 90 degree cuts to be followed with speed and precision. It supplied in different colors according to the angle blade.


V Cutter Knife

This comfortable and handy jack planes is supplied in painted cast aluminium. The correct blade length also permits V cut in the panels without marking the inferior aluminium foil.


Manual Bending Tools

The manual bending tools is used to make radius elbow and fitting. Best result can be obtain because of the simple usage of this tool and no electriity needed.


Aluminium Ruler (1200 mm & 4000 mm)

This aluminium ruler with locking system for and fast locking of the panel to work table. This ruler serves as a guide for the cutter knife and permits to make precise and straight cuts.


Table Complete with Carpet For Cover

(4 x 1.2mm) The table is efective tool usde to cut and construct the TD Duct. It’s design ergonomically to provide easy and best result.


Electric Bending Machine

This Bending, machine is an innovation of the manual bending that gives faster result and precision with the usage of electricity.

Product Accessories